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Campbell University -  America’s Modern Wars (POLS-319)

Campbell University - America’s Modern Wars (POLS-319)

Edited by: Clifford J. Rogers and Ty Seidule

This custom volume supports Captain Michael Slattery's POLS 319 Course at Campbell University.

Chapter List:
  1. Revolutionary War in Southeast Asia, 1954–1965
  2. American Escalation in Vietnam, 1965–1967
  3. American De-escalation in Vietnam, 1968–1972
  4. Victory and Defeat in Vietnam
  5. Encountering and Responding to Limits: The Superpowers in the Cold War, 1968–1991
  6. Peace Dividends and Benevolent Interventions
  7. People's Wars and Israel, 1982–2006
  8. Three Iraq Wars, 1980–2011
  9. Afghanistan: Thirty-Five Years of War and Counting

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