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The West Point History of the Civil War

The West Point History of the Civil War

Authored by: Joseph T. Glatthaar, Earl J. Hess, James K. Hogue, Mark E. Neely Jr., Ty Seidule, and Steven E. Woodworth
Edited by: Clifford J. Rogers, Ty Seidule, and Samuel J. Watson

The West Point History of the Civil War is the future of historical literature. Its innovation in educational technology brings the Civil War to life with animated maps, interactive timelines, and other custom-built digital pedagogical tools. With The West Point History of the Civil War, readers will experience history as told by those in the U.S. Military Academy who helped create it.

The West Point History of the Civil War is easily accessible on Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

Major features include:

  • In-depth, animated battle maps that cover the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of warfare
  • Digital animation layered in timeline
s, giving context in location and time to the events covered within each chapter
  • Spotlight features on key military leaders from the most prominent moments in history
  • Interactive tactics diagrams demonstrating the use of artillery on the battlefield
  • Custom-built hot-spotted illustrations of soldiers, equipment, and historical documents
  • Embedded audio and video commentary from prominent historians

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Infantry Magazine

Moving past academic purposes, the West Point production also contains specialized applicability for serving Army leaders. As a resource for officers and NCOs in combat arms branches in particular, it offers utility for applying digitized conceptualization of battlefield events across time and space to facilitate tactical and leadership instruction. Just as the book aspires to allow cadets to “learn more about their roles as Army officers,” the availability of interactive applications on portable screens provides new avenues for maneuver leaders to leverage animated maps, unit diagrams, and scrolling timelines to enhance seminars and staff rides.

Civil War Book Review

The West Point History of the Civil War offers an accessible, image and graphic driven narrative of the American Civil War. With six chapters authored by the field’s leading historians, The West Point History of the Civil War explores the strategies, operations, and tactics of the Civil War, as well as the war’s political causes, calculations, and consequences.

Kirkus Review

The volume provides a richness of political context...

Civil War Notebook

The West Point History of the Civil War is a fantastic book, and would be an excellent addition to any history lover’s library. It serves as a great introduction to the Civil War for novices, and I think even heavily read students of the Civil War would take something away from it.

Military Times

This history is based on only six of 71 chapters of West Point's "History of Warfare" that Rowan Technology plans to offer a general audience. Bring on the other 65.

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