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VMI - History of European Warfare Since 1871

VMI - History of European Warfare Since 1871


This custom volume supports Dr. Geoff Jensen's HI 379 course at Virginia Military Institute.

Chapters include:
  1. Interpreting Napoleon: Clausewitz, Jomini, and Restoration Armies
  2. European Military Development, 1848–1871
  3. The Russo-Japanese War, 1904–1905
  4. Europe’s Path to World War
  5. 1914: Strategies, War Plans, and Opening Moves
  6. Stalemate and Response, 1914–1915
  7. 1916: Industrial War and Battles of Attrition
  8. Political Challenges and Strategic Reevaluation, 1917
  9. 1918: The Year of Decision
  10. WWI: Overwhelming the Germans and Victory
  11. The Continental Powers in the Interwar Period
  12. The United Kingdom, Japan, and United States in the Interwar Period
  13. German Years of Victory
  14. Britain Stands Alone
  15. The Germans Turn East: Operation Barbarossa and the Beginnings of the Final Solution
  16. The Allies Turn the Tide
  17. Victory in Europe
  18. The Cold War 1945–1973: Containment and the Nuclear Era

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