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The West Point History of Warfare, Part I (HI 301)

The West Point History of Warfare, Part I (HI 301)


This volume supports the USMA course HI 301: History of the Military Art.

The West Point History of Warfare is the future of historical literature. Its innovation in educational technology brings military history to life with animated maps, interactive timelines, and other custom-built digital pedagogical tools. This book will be updated in perpetuity, and through this web app version you will always have access to the latest version—and be able to read it on any web-capable device!

Chapter List:
  1. War in Greece and Rome
  2. Early and High Medieval Warfare
  3. Warfare in the Late Middle Ages
  4. The Military Revolution and the Thirty Years' War
  5. The French Army of Louis XIV to 1688
  6. British Military Developments to 1700
  7. The War of the Spanish Succession
  8. The War of Austrian Succession
  9. The Seven Years' War in Europe
  10. Early Imperial Encounters in North America
  11. The Seven Years' War in North America and Beyond
  12. The Origins of the American Revolution and Opening Moves
  13. From Defeat to Victory in the North: 1777–1778
  14. The War in Georgia and the Carolinas
  15. Yorktown, the Peace, and Why the British Failed
  16. The French Revolutionary Wars
  17. The Rise of Napoleon
  18. Ulm to Austerlitz
  19. Apogee of the Grand Armeé
  20. The Oceans, the Peninsula, and the Invasion of Russia
  21. The Guerilla War: Spain, 1808–1814
  22. Europe Defeats Napoleon
  23. Interpreting Napoleon: Clausewitz, Jomini, and Restoration Armies (not yet available)
  24. Warfare and the American Nation-State, 1783–1845
  25. The U.S.-Mexican War
  26. Origins and Opening Moves of the American Civil War
  27. The War in the East, July 1861–September 1862
  28. Seeking Decision in the East, November 1862–August 1863
  29. Grant's War in the West
  30. Coordinated Strategy and Hard War
  31. The End of the War and the Army in Reconstruction
  32. The American Army in the West, 1865–1897
  33. European Military Development, 1848–1871
  34. The European Balance of Power and the Colonial Wars
  35. An American Empire

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