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The West Point History of Warfare: Modern Military History Edition

The West Point History of Warfare: Modern Military History Edition


This 36-chapter volume explores military history from the Russo-Japanese War to today.

Chapter List:
  1. The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905
  2. Europe's Path to World War
  3. 1914: Strategies, War Plans, and Opening Moves
  4. Stalemate and Response, 1914-15
  5. Grand Strategies--Strategic Alternatives, 1915
  6. 1916: Industrial War and Battles of Attrition
  7. Political Challenges and Strategic Reevaluation, 1917
  8. 1918: The Year of Decision
  9. WWI: Overwhelming the Germans and Victory.
  10. The Continental Powers in the Interwar Period
  11. The United Kingdom, Japan, and United States in the Interwar Period
  12. German Years of Victory
  13. Britain Stands Alone
  14. The Germans Turn East: Operation Barbarossa and the Beginnings of the Final Solution
  15. Japan Strikes: From Pearl Harbor to Midway
  16. The Allies Turn the Tide
  17. Peoples and Economies at War
  18. Strategic Seapower and Airpower
  19. Waging Global War
  20. Victory in Europe
  21. Defeat of Japan
  22. Occupation - Demobilization - Assessing Victory
  23. The Cold War 1945-1973: Containment and the Nuclear Era.
  24. The Korean Civil War and American Intervention, 1945-1950
  25. Fighting and Ending the Korean Conflict
  26. The Wars of Decolonization
  27. From Israeli Blitzkrieg to Machdal (The Blunder)
  28. Revolutionary War in Southeast Asia, 1954-1965
  29. American Escalation in Vietnam, 1965-1967
  30. American De-escalation in Vietnam, 1968-1972
  31. Victory and Defeat in Vietnam
  32. Encountering and Responding to Limits: The Superpowers in the Cold War, 1968-1991
  33. Peace Dividends and Benevolent Interventions
  34. People's Wars and Israel, 1982-2006
  35. Three Iraq Wars: 1980 to 2011
  36. Afghanistan: Thirty Years of War and Counting

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